Monday 19 February 2018

Civil servants paid directly into bank still get time off to cash pay cheques

Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

CIVIL servants are still getting 30 minutes off each week to cash pay cheques, despite being paid by electronic transfer.

Managers yesterday missed a deadline they set to abolish an "outdated" practice of giving staff time off to visit banks.

Under the Croke Park agreement, they aimed to eliminate this 'bank time' last month.

Clerical officers get half an hour a week off and higher grades get half an hour a fortnight to cash pay cheques, even though most of them are paid by electronic transfer.

The entitlement was discontinued for new entrants to the public service in 2003, but staff taken on before this date still get it. Ending the practice was one of a number of reforms managers outlined in their action plan for the Croke Park deal.

The Department of Finance said the abolition of bank time had not been achieved by last night, the end November.

It said the issue may be "finalised" at a meeting between management and public sector unions later this week.

In the civil service and non-commercial state agencies' action plan for reforms, it says the timeframe for eliminating bank time was "from November 2010".

General Secretary Blair Horan said that in the discussions on the Croke Park deal the Department of Finance mentioned bank time and privilege days as "change issues" but they were not specifically written into the deal.

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