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Sunday 8 December 2019

Civil marriages account for three out of ten weddings

Sarah Stack

Almost one in three weddings in Ireland are civil marriages.

New figures show more than 29pc of the 20,680 couples who got married last year decided not to get hitched in a church.

Roman Catholic marriage ceremonies still accounted for over 62pc of all marriages in 2013, down almost 3pc from 2012.

There were also 338 civil partnerships between same sex partners registered in 2013, 208 male unions and 130 female unions.

The Central Statistics Office (CSO) said the average age of a groom was 34.9 years last year, while the bride's average age was 32.8 years, both up slightly.

August was the most popular month for a wedding, with more than 3,000 couples choosing the summer month, and seven out of ten were wed on a Friday or Saturday. January was the least popular month to tie the knot, with just 555 marriages taking place.

It was the first marriage for 88pc of grooms and brides last year, and there were 2,230 marriages involving at least one divorced person.

However just 37 (5pc) of the 676 men and women who celebrated a civil partnership were divorced.

The average age of partners in civil partnership couples was 39.3 years, the average age of male partners being 38.5 and average age of female partners was 40.6.

Nearly 74pc (249) of the same-sex couples that entered into civil partnerships in 2013 lived  in the Leinster area, with 139 couples in Dublin city.

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