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Thursday 22 August 2019

City of Light or...the shifting wall? How Coppers got it absolutely right

Copper Face Jacks on Dublin’s Harcourt Street
Copper Face Jacks on Dublin’s Harcourt Street
Kirsty Blake Knox

Kirsty Blake Knox

Who needs Paris when you can have... the shifting wall?

For years, Copper Face Jacks' mythical ability to bring together upstanding members of An Garda Síochána and dedicated nursing staff has been well known.

Most of us can name at least one happily married garda/nurse pairing who fell in love in the Harcourt Street club as the 5ive 'Megamix' thudded away in the background.

But I don't think anyone realised how strong the bond between officers and healthcare professionals really was.

Now, the latest CSO figures show that 15pc of male gardaí marry nurses.

It is the highest percentage of professionals that marry outside their occupation.

After nurses, male gardaí are drawn to female gardaí and then primary school teachers.

Nurses are the most appealing profession for straight men of many different profession.


A high percentage of male farmers, carpenters, accountants and retail managers have also got hitched to nurses.

The CSO says the bond between gardaí and nurses could be attributed to similar working hours, and that 'familiarity brings romance'.

And I suppose the uniforms might just have a little something to do with it too...

Copper Face Jacks has been well aware of the sex appeal of gardaí and nurses far in advance of the publication of any CSO figures.

In 2014, the Harcourt Street club launched a loyalty scheme for their most dedicated clientele with the Nurse's Card.

And during Storm Emma they offered complimentary tickets to the upcoming musical to gardaí and nurses who had worked though the Baltic conditions.

Clearly, they know the pulling power of nurses and gardaí. No wonder they are the club's most valued and valuable customers.

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