Sunday 26 May 2019

City facing bill of €100m to fix flood damage

CORK is facing into a flood repair campaign that could cost in excess of €100m.

The major damage was sustained by:

  • Lee Water Station -- at the height of the flood, the city's key water facility was under 20ft of water. The shutdown of the facility left almost 40pc of Cork city -- 50,000 people -- without running water.
  • UCC -- 14 UCC buildings were hit by the flood waters, with the college cancelling all lectures for a week. Worst hit was the world-renowned Glucksman Gallery, which overlooks the River Lee.
  • Grenville Place -- located opposite the Mercy University Hospital (MUH), some of the worst damage in the city was sustained here. Part of the quay wall collapsed under the force of water, allowing a portion of the river to carve a new channel through residential and shopping streets.
  • North Main Street -- one of Cork's busiest shopping areas, North Main Street was at one point under three feet of murky water. Massive damage was sustained to Christmas stock.
  • Mardyke -- water levels reached almost five feet in parts and, unlike other parts of the city, the floods lingered, causing major damage to homes, shops and businesses.
  • Oliver Plunkett Street -- one of Cork's most flood-vulnerable areas, it was lucky compared to North Main Street but still suffered damage.
  • Carrigrohane Road/County Hall -- more than 700 county council staff had to abandon their HQ, which resembled a lighthouse in a lake at the height of the flood.

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