Monday 23 September 2019

Cider and beer drinkers will be hit hardest by new laws

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Gareth Morgan

Gareth Morgan

The Irish Independent visited five major supermarkets across Dublin to assess the cheapest cans of beer and cider, bottles of wine and naggins of vodka on sale. As our survey shows, the vast majority of the drink being sold at the cheapest prices in supermarkets would be affected by the shift to minimum pricing.

The cheap drinks include a mixture of own-brands and well-known names.

The findings confirm that cider drinkers will be particularly affected, with the price of a 500ml can set to almost double in some cases.

However, beer drinkers will also be impacted. The most startling increase in price will be among the cheapest cans on sale - some of the stores are currently selling for well under a euro per can. These included lager for 66c in Tesco and 75c in Aldi.

While the cheapest prices were mostly own-brands beers, the approach of Christmas means that steep discounts are already on show for multi-packs, or 'slabs', of beers. In Aldi, 24 cans of Budweiser were just €23.99, and Dunnes offered 48 Carlsberg for €50.

The cheapest bottles of wine will see their prices affected, but it appears naggins of vodka are likely to stay the same.

For the purposes of clarity, lower alcohol products were excluded from the survey. The calculations assume that one unit is 10g of alcohol, and the minimum price will be 10c per gramme.

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