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Christy Moore 'frightened' by detention at Holyhead

SINGER-songwriter Christy Moore spoke yesterday of his "threatening" and "frightening" experience at the hands of British port authorities who detained both him and his driver at Holyhead under anti-terrorism laws.

Moore was stopped and interviewed for two hours under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 2002 en route to playing four concerts in London and the English midlands.

In a statement, Moore said he was questioned about his song lyrics, asked personal questions about his family and friends and given no explanation as to why he was being held. The Foreign Affairs Department confirmed last night it had contacted British authorities about the incident on Monday, but declined to comment further.

Moore was carrying no photographic identification at the time, and said neither the van in which he was travelling, nor instrument cases or equipment, were checked by the authorities.

"I found the whole experience threatening," he said last night. "At no time was I given any explanation as to why I was being held and interrogated in this manner. "I found the whole affair quite frightening. But the feeling I am left with a few days later is one of sadness as I thought this kind of behaviour towards Irish people travelling to the UK was a thing of the past."

John Swift, secretary of the Musicians Union of Ireland, said he was shocked and outraged by Moore's detention.

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