Friday 24 January 2020

Christmas cheer as rare quads arrive safe and sound

A YOUNG farmer had an early present when his Charollais ewe gave birth to quadruplets on Christmas Eve.

Colin Devane (14) had been taking extra good care of the ewe since scans revealed she was expecting four lambs.

The four -- three males and a female -- arrived at the Devane's farm in Garrynadur, Listowel, Co Kerry, at around 8pm.

Multiple births are not uncommon in sheep -- experts say the chances can be as high as one in 100 -- but quads are very rare and having four born alive is extremely unusual.

"It was unbelievable to be honest," Colin's dad, Owen, told the Irish Independent.

"The four of them came out perfect. She's fine and the four are doing fine.

"You'd see a lot of twins and triplets but very rarely four, and then there might be two alive. There's a very slim chance that they all come out alive," he added.

Now Colin and his dad are looking out for a suitable foster mother among their flock to help out with the feeding of the lambs.

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