Monday 25 June 2018

'Children are seeing murder scenes on their way to school'

The body of Michael Barr is removed from the Sunset House. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne
The body of Michael Barr is removed from the Sunset House. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne

Robin Schiller

People living in north inner city Dublin, where three murders have taken place in the last number of weeks, have expressed their fear and anger at the bloodshed.

Three men were gunned down within a square mile since February in shootings linked to the ongoing Hutch/Kinahan feud.

Residents have also requested an increased garda presence near schools and a crèche in the area due to a fear of children being caught in the crossfire.

One local woman expressed her anger at the violence and the reaction by authorities, saying: "Nobody gives a s**t about us!"

"Blood is being spilled on the street, and people don't care. This is happening on the front door of where we live, and nobody cares," the woman said.

"While the politicians are arguing in the Dáil, they aren't doing anything about this.

"We're sick of talking about it, I'm fed up with the killings happening in the street," she added.


Another local man, Mick, described how people in the area - including young children - were becoming increasingly concerned about the outbreak of violence.

"You can see it in the people around here, it is pure fear.

"There were young children walking to school yesterday passing a crime scene, that's nothing that children should see.

"Only on Sunday, we had around 1,500 people out near the Sunset House for the 1916 commemorations, it was a great day, and in less then 24 hours this happens.

"This is a great community with great people, but when these kind of things happen it gives the area a bad name which doesn't justify it," he added.

"It's sad for the community, a lot of locals are afraid to walk around their own area, it's not right.

"One young boy, he's only five years of age, said that he is too afraid to play soccer for a local team because of a shooting last week.

"I mean, for a young child to say that, it's not right, this has to stop," he added.


Local resident and Independent Dublin City Councillor Nial Ring also spoke of the sense of fear gripping the area.

"It's devastating. I know my own mam is living nearby and, at 81 years of age, she is almost afraid to leave the house.

"There is just an air of fear around the whole area, and something has to be done about it."

Cllr Ring, who was born and raised just 200 yards from the scene of the Sunset House shooting on Summerhill Parade, said there was an air of trepidation as the latest shooting came so soon after the murders of Eddie Hutch and Martin O'Rourke.

He spoke to several people who heard the gunshots on Monday night.

"One girl I spoke to heard the shots as she was in a local shop and described how she went into shock and could not move.

"Another lady I know well said that she had been in the pub and was still shaking a hour later.

"Also in the pub was a lad with special needs who had to be literally carried home as he could not comprehend the situation he had witnessed but was traumatised by the event," added Cllr Ring.

He said the community should not be expected to live in an environment of fear as they try to go about their daily business.

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