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Childcare issues: Nannys, grandads and an au-pair...our childcare jigsaw


Miriam Gormally with Dylan (5) and Max (2)

Miriam Gormally with Dylan (5) and Max (2)

Steve Humphreys

Miriam Gormally with Dylan (5) and Max (2)

Miriam Gormally and husband Peter have a "jigsaw" childcare system in place which sees both sets of grandparents and an au pair chipping in to help with their kids.

The couple both work and have two children, Dylan (5) and Max (2).

They have employed the use of a live-in au-pair for 20 hours a week, with both sets of grandparents taking their little ones for one afternoon a week each.

But Miriam's husband is now set to take one day off work each week in order to care for their children.

"I work part-time, my husband works full-time. This month he has started to take one day parental leave. He is starting with Wednesday and we will see how it goes after that. It's starting, it's experimental," Miriam said. "There are three strands of our childcare."

The couple have been pleased with the childcare their children received, but said that cost was an influential factor in the decision. And they are acutely aware of the fortunate position they are in, with the help from their families. "I have a lot of friends who are from different countries and it is very difficult for them.

"We are very lucky that we have our grandparents to pick up the extra time and that my husband takes the one day parental leave, and that we can afford to have an au pair. It is very difficult," she added.

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