Thursday 14 November 2019

Child 'out of danger' following fall from third floor

Leo Lieghio helped the boy who fell from the third floor of Belfry Hall, Citywest
Leo Lieghio helped the boy who fell from the third floor of Belfry Hall, Citywest

Allison Bray

SHOCKED neighbours who rushed to the aid of a toddler who fell three storeys from an open window are delighted after learning that the little boy is out of danger.

Grandfather Leo Lieghio was visiting his own grandson at the Belfry Hall apartment complex in Dublin's Citywest neighbourhood on Tuesday afternoon when his neighbour frantically screamed for help after he saw the two-and-a-half year old boy fall out the upstairs window above him.

"He called me out and pointed to him lying on the ground," he said of the little Romanian boy known locally as Vlad.

"He said he looked like a football going out the window," Mr Lieghio said.

Mr Lieghio, whose daughter is a neighbour of the little boy and his mother, said he rushed to the rear of the apartment complex and found the boy lying curled up on the ground after falling about 10 metres.

Blood stains were still visible yesterday on the patch of grass and the concrete ledge where the boy landed.

A child's toy was also found on the ground where he fell, leading neighbours to believe that he may have leaned out the window in order to fetch it.

Mr Lieghio said he rushed over and used hankies to wipe the blood off the boy and kept him still as they waited for an ambulance that took him to the nearby Tallaght Hospital and later to the Temple Street Children's Hospital in Dublin, where he was treated for head injuries.

It is believed the boy's mother and grandmother were keeping a vigil at his bedside yesterday.

He survived the fall and was conscious but screaming and his face was swollen, added Mr Lieghio.


It is understood that the boy suffered a fractured skull when his head glanced off the ledge.

But a spokesperson for the Temple Street Hospital said the boy was now stable and on a ventilator, which she described as a good sign.

"That's brilliant, I'm delighted he's on the mend," Mr Lieghio told the Irish Independent last night.

Another neighbour whose nephew saw the boy falling out the window said he was still too traumatised to talk about the ordeal last night.

"He lives directly underneath and he just flew past. He thought it was a doll," she said.

However, she said it was a miracle the toddler survived the fall. "He's one lucky baby," she said, adding, "he's a gorgeous little boy."

The neighbour said she understood the boy was being cared for by his grandmother while his mother was at work when the accident occurred.

The grandmother was hysterical when she realised what had happened.

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