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Child of Aras answers Ireland's call at Occupy Dame Street protest


FORMER President Mary Robinson's campaigning son Aubrey found himself on the other side of the lens yesterday.

The 30-year-old photographer -- who is among a core group of people participating in the Irish leg of a global protest movement -- was once a child of the Aras.

Now he spends most of his days on Dublin's Dame Street at a protest to end corporate corruption and keep the IMF and ECB out of Irish affairs.

The protesters set up camp on the plaza outside the Central Bank one month ago in solidarity with "Occupy Wall Street".

It has been joined by similar protests across the State such as in Galway, Waterford and Cork.

The photographer and film-maker, who describes himself as "committed to social justice", was photographed speaking to members of the protest yesterday ahead of a carnival organised for Friday -- the very day when President-elect Michael D Higgins will be inaugurated in nearby Dublin Castle, which his mother is expected to attend.

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