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Tuesday 25 September 2018

Chef ‘sorry’ if ‘tasteless’ image of food critic was too close to bone

Chef Oliver Dunne tweeted this photo of an edited version of his restaurant's promo picture. (Photo: Twitter/Oliver Dunne)
Chef Oliver Dunne tweeted this photo of an edited version of his restaurant's promo picture. (Photo: Twitter/Oliver Dunne)
Oliver Dunne
Fiona Dillon

Fiona Dillon

Michelin award-winning chef Oliver Dunne has said he was sorry if anybody was offended by a picture he posted online of a well-known food critic with her head “severed”.

The photograph was based on a promotional image released earlier for Dunne’s restaurant, the Cleaver East, showing himself holding a knife and a pig’s head.

However, following a slightly critical review of his restaurant by renowned Sunday Independent restaurant critic Lucinda O’Sullivan, the chef posted a photoshopped version of her image yesterday on his Twitter account.

The pig’s head was replaced with that of Ms O’Sullivan.

The chef shared his photo with his almost 3,000 followers, captioning it: “Lol, look what I got in the post!”.

However, the 36-year-old received much criticism for sharing the photo, with people describing it as “tasteless” and “unnecessary.”

“I have never met that guy Oliver Dunne, but I don’t think there is any need to post that pic,” said one.

Another user wrote: “No need to get super personal about it.”

When contacted by the Herald, Mr Dunne said that the picture was sent to him in jest, and was meant to be taken in jest. “If anyone is offended, I am sorry,” he said

The chef has deleted the photo, which was sent to him by one of his suppliers on Thursday. The restaurant review, which upset Dunne was published under the headline of “Chop Chop” last Sunday in the newspaper’s Life magazine.

On Monday, Mr Dunne wrote a scathing blog about the review which he said in his opinion was “completely inaccurate and unacceptable”.

When contacted, he told the Herald that he has no issue with being reviewed.

He said he has no hard feelings and never has done. In relation to the photograph he said that he “tweeted it within a minute of getting it”.

He added that: “If Lucinda wants an apology, I would be happy to.”

But he stressed that in relation to the picture, it was supposed to be taken as a joke. Regardless of any reviews he said business is booming for the chef at Dublin’s Cleaver East restaurant.

“Business is flying. It’s beyond belief,” he said.


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