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Cheeky Liz's very revealing brief encounter

She has left men up and down the country wondering whether she's a Bridget Jones (humongous tummy-tucking lycra) or a Dita Von Teese (skimpy luscious lace) kind of girl. In the week that has been, I could only be referring to one woman -- the early morning minx herself -- Liz O'Donnell.

The 51-year-old former PD politician said, "interviews were often done in my underwear, contrary to the professional impression. I can now reveal that".

But honestly Liz, why would you want to reveal that? I'd expect it from an attention-starved Irish model, but not from a formidable former politician. What's your rationalisation behind the public disclosure of your undie endeavours?

I really don't care if you suddenly feel liberated since being ousted from political life nor do I care what you choose to do in your private life.

Does anyone truly believe that Liz was naive enough to think that a confession such as this would go unnoticed?

All she had to do was cast her mind back a few years when political heavyweight Mary O'Rourke told a startled and somewhat disturbed nation that she had to leap from her bath to hear some political bombshell going off on Morning Ireland.

The image of Mary playing with her rubber duckie while frolicking in a sea of suds and bubbles remained in the national psyche for a very long time, aided somewhat by Mullingar man Michael O'Leary who lampooned the 'Mary moment' for a Ryanair advertisement.

Did Liz purposely 'do a Mary'?

Yes, is the only logical answer, the only difference being that Liz sexed it up a notch.

Liz is media savvy, a high-profile political career wouldn't allow her to be anything else, therefore, her verbal howler cannot be attributed to stupidity. It was nothing more than a deliberate and elaborate attention-seeking stunt.

Do you think Liz would have divulged such personal information about her half-naked practices if she was still in government?

Absolutely not. Perhaps I am being overly harsh; maybe, this cheeky admission was made in an attempt at providing us, the Irish public, with an insight into the real Ms O'Donnell.

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Those years in the political realm donning power-suits, looking po-faced and speaking in the most eloquent of tones may have been a facade.

Lascivious Liz was deservedly seen as the finest looking Dail filly, but let's be honest, the 'best looking bird' competition is hardly a hotly-contested, fiercely-fought battle of the best.

If I was ever suffering from a severe lack of confidence or was deprived of some attention, I'd definitely consider pursuing a career in politics.

Maybe Liz's blossoming TV career is the reason behind it. It's hardly a coincidence that her TV debut, fronting RTE's 'Far Away And Up Close' is due on our screens sometime soon.

Now, while we have established that she was Top Of The Political Pops, the former junior minister might suddenly feel the need to sex things up, after all, the competition is significantly stiffer.

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