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Friday 16 November 2018

Cheeky call: 'I can't stay long, I'm in a cell'

The infamous telephone conversation between John Daly and Joe Duffy on his 'Liveline' programme on May 1 was initially sparked by a discussion between Sinn Fein councillor Christy Burke and 'Sunday World' crime correspondent Paul Williams.

Burke accused Williams of linking the Republican movement to underworld crime.

Mr Williams went on to reject the allegations, then Alan "Fatpuss" Bradley came on air to accuse Mr Williams of false allegations against him.

Following a heated exchange between Mr Bradley and Mr Williams, John Daly then joined the discussion.

Joe: John Daly's on the line. John, good afternoon to you.

John: How's it going? All right?

Joe: You're in Portlaoise prison at the moment?

John: I'm in Portlaoise right now, yeah, there's only one place I can be. Paul Williams knows that very well.

Joe: Take your time now, John.

John: I will do. How's it going Alan, alright?

ALAN: Not too bad. Yourself?

John: Yeah. Thanks for the postcard while you were away. Now, Mr Williams. How many thousands of people would you say read your newspaper every Sunday?

PAUL: Almost a million.

John: About a million? Do you know how much (sic) lies you tell every week?

Do you know I sent a registered posted letter today with an article from that newspaper that you just wrote saying that I carried out armed robbery when I got out on my review. I did not get arrested for any armed robberies.

PAUL: You're in prison serving how many years?

John: It doesn't matter how many years I'm serving.

PAUL: Actually, where did you get the mobile phone to ring out?

John: (Getting agitated). Who told you I had a spat against Alan Bradley who was a friend of mine who I grew up with?

I have a complaint in against you because if I didn't know Alan Bradley and Alan Bradley did not know me, you are kicking off a f*****g gangland war.

Joe: John, the language, the language.

John: OK, but that's what his intention is, to kick off war.

Joe: John, you're in prison at the moment for armed robbery for an Esso station. Isn't that correct?

John: Yeah, back in 1999. I was 18 years of age.

Joe: And how many years are you serving in Portlaoise?

John: Nine years. Finishing off nine years.

PAUL: You were let out of prison, then it was re-activated.

John: I'm going on holiday with Alan when I get out.

Joe: So you're denying you threatened to kill Alan Bradley?

John: Denied? The date, it was all in the 'Herald' a week before Williams over in the 'Sunday World'. You check that date in that 'Herald' and you check this prison of when Alan Bradley sent me a postcard that very same day.

ALAN: (chuckling) And that's someone I left the country over.

Joe: John Daly, are you still on the phone there?

John: I can't stay long. I can't stay long. I'm in a cell. Paul Williams, you are a liar. You make up lies to start war.

If I didn't know Alan Bradley and Alan Bradley did not know me you would have kicked off a war there. People would be wanting to get one person before the other person got the other. Now I'm going.

Get off the phone, you f*****g liar.

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