Friday 23 March 2018

Cheating about money harder to forgive than infidelity, men say

Charlie Weston

Charlie Weston

FINANCIAL cheating is worse than sleeping around, according to some men.

A new report has found large numbers of lovers lie to each other about money, with secret bank accounts, hidden credit card balances and concealed purchases prevalent in many relationships.

Around one in seven men find it harder to forgive financial infidelity than physical infidelity.

Meanwhile, lying about lucre to a partner was found to be a feature in a relationship for one in five adults.

One in 10 has a secret bank account -- what some people like to call "running away money".

And one in six confessed they have a credit card or a bank account that is hidden from their partner.

Women between the ages of 35 and 44 were the most likely culprits. But men are also guilty, with more than one in 10 concealing debts from their partners.

The level of financial mistrust between spouses and partners has increased during the recession, the study found.

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