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Charlie and Garret were hoodwinked by PR guru

PR guru Bunny Carr has revealed how he managed to hoodwink ex-Taoisigh Charles Haughey and Garret FitzGerald when they were brushing up on their TV debating skills.

The TV star and founder of Carr Communications has told how the two men were both unknowingly schooled on the same night for one of their famous presidential-style leaders' exchanges.

The two politicians faced each other three times in US-style debates, going head-to-head twice in 1982 and returning for a final bout in 1987.

In the documentary series, 'A Little Bit TV', the 84-year-old Mr Carr told how he delighted in conning the two sharpest politicians.

"I had an appointment with Garret one night. I was working at that time with Tom Savage and didn't know that Tom had made a similar appointment with Charlie Haughey.

"I was in one office and Tom was down the corridor with Charlie in another office and we had one studio between the two of us. Thanks be to God we'd two toilets!" he added.

'A Little Bit TV' will be shown tonight on RTE One at 7pm.

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