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Charity wants tougher penalties for dog abuse

An animal charity for dogs wants tougher penalties for people who neglect and abuse dogs after a "horrific" case involving a greyhound named Bobbi, writes Georgina O'Halloran.

Margaret Twohig of Cork Dog Action Welfare Group (CDAWG) said the charity had seen an increase in cases of dogs handed into the charity in very bad condition who had clearly been neglected.

One particularly distressing case was that of Bobbi, who was completely emaciated when she came into the charity's care and who died two days later.

"It was total neglect. It was horrific. She was gone beyond veterinary treatment," said Ms Twohig.

"We are seeing more and more dogs being handed over in neglect," she added.

The group's website is: www.dogactionwelfaregroup.ie

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