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Monday 18 December 2017

Charity gains as 500 e-voting units scrapped

Paul Melia

Paul Melia

MORE than 500 of the controversial e-voting machines have already been scrapped and all 7,500 will be removed from government storage by the end of next month.

Owner of KMK Metals Recycling in Co Offaly, Kurt Kyck, told the Irish Independent yesterday that more than 1,000 of the machines had been removed from premises in Wexford, Castlebar, Letterkenny, Sligo and Portlaoise already, with work well under way on dismantling the redundant technology.

The company yesterday presented the Barretstown Camp in Co Kildare with a charity donation of €10,000 to help fund its work with sick children.

Mr Kyck had planned to sell 100 of the machines for €100 each and donate the proceeds to the camp, but was refused permission to do so by the Department of the Environment, which said the machines had to be put beyond use.

Instead, Mr Kyck wrote a cheque for €10,000, which he gave to Barretstown chief executive Dee Ahearn.

"My staff were disappointed and so when we looked at the figures it was agreed that we were in a position to go ahead with the donation to Barretstown," he said.

KMK Metals bought the machines, which cost €55m, for just over €70,000 last month. Workers will remove their electronic chips, and separate the steel and plastic electronic circuit boards and copper-wire components, which will be shipped abroad and sold for scrap.

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