Friday 24 November 2017

Chalk and talk... Walsh throws fuel on to a raging fire

Former University of Limerick President Dr Ed Walsh is never short of a quotable quote. He went on two radio stations yesterday to denounce the "selfish and unpatriotic" teachers who were threatening industrial action over pay and came up with a novel idea. "Why not let them go on strike for a year and we would save €4bn in wages," he suggested.

Mary gets offer she cannot refuse

Incoming INTO general secretary Sheila Nunan offered newcomer Minister Mary Coughlan a 'deal' yesterday: "If you don't believe half the things you've heard about teachers, we won't believe half the things we've heard about you." She was joking, wasn't she?

She also declared that being average at maths was not good enough, which brings to mind the former US president who expressed outrage when he was told that half the nation's students were below average in maths -- he declared that everybody should be above average in maths.

Shopping exodus sparks complaint

The cross-border shopping exodus on the day of the public service strike before Christmas left some TUI members red-faced and annoyed. The northern-bound traffic queues were attributed to public service workers embarking on a seasonal shopping trip. One delegate to the TUI congress in Ennis complained that it wasn't helpful that one union (not the TUI) told members that they could finish picketing at 10.30am.

Pension cuts of 35pc -- go figure!

Noel Ward, INTO deputy general secretary, is a dab hand with figures and, along with a number of other experts, has worked out the implications of basing public sector pensions on average career earnings. It amounts to a pension cut of 35pc for new teachers and for similar public servants. Oh, and they won't get it until they are 68.

Ivan 'the Terrible' remarks criticised

Cork delegate Mick Evans tore into Ivan Yates at the ASTI convention. Mick hit out at the former Fine Gael minister for telling teachers to come into the real world.

"This is the Ivan Yates who has a string of betting shops, a Dail pension, a show on Newstalk and a column in the Examiner. And he is telling us to come into the real world?"

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