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Chairman of GSOC Simon O’Brien: ‘I will not be resigning’

The chairman of Gsoc Simon O’Brien has “no intention of resigning” in the wake of the investigation into the leak of details of alleged bugging at the headquarters of the Garda Ombudsman Commission.

In an interview on Morning Ireland , Simon O’Brien said he believed he had the confidence of the "Minister for Justice and the people" and would not be tendering his resignation.

“I said back in February that I would look at my position. I believe we have led well through this period and I want to continue to lead this organisation. I have no intention of resigning, nor do my commissioner colleagues. We want to move on.

“Lessons have been learned. We learned from the past. We want the public and garda alike to have confidence in us. I want to give confidence to people to come forward.

He also said the garda and the public can have confidence in his agency after the part publication of a report into the leaking of information to the Sunday Times  about an internal investigation into the suspected surveillance of its office.

GSCO said the report by Senior Counsel Mark Connaughton concluded that it was unable to find the exact source  of the leak but said it came from a third party attached to the probe.

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