Saturday 24 March 2018

Central Bank to hire art consultant

Emmet Oliver Deputy Business Editor

THE Central Bank and the Financial Regulator are looking to hire a consultant to manage their extensive art collection so their 1,000 staff can have a "stimulating" work environment.

Both organisations were lambasted over the last two years for their poor regulation of the banking sector. Worse-case scenarios by international analysts put the cost of the banking crisis at €50bn in the period from 2009 to 2011.

The two organisations have advertised for someone to manage a collection made up of sculptures, paintings and what they call "digital art".


The regulators won't put a value on the collection, which they say is there to "enhance and enrich" the workplace, where staff supervise more than six banks guaranteed by the taxpayer.

"The successful applicant for this position will have demonstrated an extensive knowledge of the current art environment and a good overview of all art media,'' states the advert seeking applicants.

The Central Bank said it also wanted to help developing artists and the artistic community in general at this time.

According the Central Bank's most recent annual report, 409 staff work in the organisation, with 369 at the Financial Regulator.

The remainder of the 1,000 operate between the two.

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