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The scene after the Kilmichael ambush. Another British Crossley vehicle was destroyed at Crossbarry

December 2020

An early 20th century painting of the Four Courts building in Dublin. Courtesy: Getty Images

Leaders’ meeting: Taoiseach William Cosgrave, British prime minister Ramsay Macdonald and the first prime minister of Northern Ireland James Craig at Chequers in 1924. Photo: Getty Images

Devastation: witnesses reported seeing Auxiliaries smashing shop windows, firing their guns indiscriminately, looting from stores and throwing bombs into buildings to set them on fire. Photo courtesy: National Library of Ireland

November 2020

A reporter stands near one of the burnt-out lorries the day after the Kilmichael ambush

A map of Irish towns and villages ‘wrecked’ by English forces, taken from the printed booklet An Address to the Representatives of Foreign Nations. Adopted at the January Session of Dáil Eireann, 1921. Photo: Éamon de Valera Papers, UCD Archives

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