Saturday 20 January 2018

Celebrity in rape claim unlikely to be charged

Garda have appealed for witnesses after a 50-year-old man died following a road crash in Co Wicklow
Garda have appealed for witnesses after a 50-year-old man died following a road crash in Co Wicklow

Tom Brady Security Editor

GARDAI have interviewed a major showbusiness celebrity about allegations that he had raped a woman at an event more than three decades ago.

The woman later gave birth to a baby girl.

The alleged incident took place in the 1970s but the woman did not lodge a formal complaint of rape until October 2012.

During their investigation, which lasted more than a year, officers carried out inquiries here and in Scotland and interviewed a number of potential witnesses including the woman and members of her family.

Gardai also wrote to the woman and asked for a DNA report on her child.

After a detailed interview with the celebrity, during which, it is understood, he denied the allegations, investigators began putting the final touches to their report late last year.

That report has now been completed and is about to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who will determine if it should result in a criminal charge.

However, it is believed that the gardai do not think it will lead to charges being brought against the man.

The rape accusation was made by the woman when, accompanied by her solicitor, she walked into a garda station 14 months ago.

A friend of the woman said she had not gone to the gardai before then because she did not want her child to know what had happened.

She said the woman remembered walking behind the man. He turned around and pushed her over, she alleged.

She also said the woman claimed the man then pulled down her jeans and "next thing he was on top" of her.


She said the woman's sister had also spoken to the gardai to corroborate her story.

Five days after she had filed the complaint, the Jimmy Savile scandal erupted in the UK.

The woman's daughter had always wanted the man to go to her wedding in Dublin, the friend said.

She claimed the woman stated that what had happened that night was "still vivid" in her mind and had described herself as a young, naive virgin, who did not know what was happening.

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