Friday 15 December 2017

CCTV footage could help identify Dunne's killers

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

A combination of clues from the abandoned getaway car and CCTV footage could help gardai identify the killers of Dublin gangland boss Eamon Dunne.

Officers aim to track down everybody who was in the Faussagh House pub in Cabra when Dunne (34) was shot dead and interview them.

Dunne's associates fled from the scene immediately after the shooting but have been captured on the CCTV footage.

Gardai say they are also exploring some theories, arising from a detailed examination of the images of the killers.

Officers believe that the discovery of the getaway vehicle, a red VW Passat, will also yield useful information.

The car, which had not been burnt out, was discovered on Monday at Carnlough Road, close to the scene of the shooting. A number of items which were found inside, including a glove and a few rounds of ammunition located nearby, are undergoing forensic tests. Gardia are trying to establish if they are linked to the gang.

Officers are now trying to establish exactly how the four-man gang knew Dunne's whereabouts in the pub and have been examining the camera footage to determine if there had been a "spotter" there in the minutes prior to the shooting. They are also examining the possibility that the crucial information was supplied by one of Dunne's associates.

Their inquiries include an examination of phone traffic between known members of the capital city's gangland the day of the shooting, which took place around 10pm last Friday.

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