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Catherine Martin and Eamon Ryan say they'll 'pull the plug' if government doesn’t deliver on party policy


Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and deputy Catherine Martin. Picture: RollingNews.ie

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and deputy Catherine Martin. Picture: RollingNews.ie

Green Party leader Eamon Ryan and deputy Catherine Martin. Picture: RollingNews.ie

The Green Party will “pull the plug” on coalition government if party policies are not delivered, the party leadership hustings heard this evening.

Leader Eamon Ryan and deputy leader Catherine Martin went head to head in the hustings, where they both said that they will pull out of government if Green policies are not upheld.

“Yes I would be [willing to pull the plug],” said Ms Martin.

“It’s not that I’m going to walk in every day threatening that, because that wouldn’t work in a partnership. But I hope that at the back of their minds they know that there is a chance of that happening.

“I think maybe that’s where we went wrong in the previous time, that maybe that threat wasn’t there or that we should have walked earlier.

“The whole point of being in government is to see the Green policies being implemented, that’s why our membership voted for us to go in.

“There is no other reason to be there,” she added.

Ms Martin said that TDs and Senators must take time out every few months to assess if goals are being achieved in the first 100 days of government.

She added that there should be an opportunity to re-negotiate the programme for government down the line.

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“We should be open to renegotiating the programme for government, it wasn’t in the programme for government in 2007 but we still did it half way through,” she said.

Party leader Eamon Ryan also said that he would pull the plug.

“Of course, if it’s not delivering a Green transition, why would we be in government?

“My experience is that it is difficult in government, particularly in times of crisis - there is collective Cabinet responsibility.

“People in Cabinet, you don’t vote. You either agree something, you mend it, or you defer it.

“This time is really difficult, we’re facing into such an unknown time,” he added.

Minister Martin also said that the Green Party is sometimes deserving of its criticism that it is not rural-focused.

“There’s an unfair characterisation that we’re anti-rural that is sometimes have been deserving of that criticism.

“We need to amplify our rural voices and avoid at all costs, a lecture on rural Ireland from south Dublin,” she said.

Mr Ryan also said that the Green Party should be hoping for 20 TDs and 100 councillors in the coming general and local elections.

The Minister said that doubling the number of local councillors in the 2024 local council elections is “practical” and that the party should get out of “central areas” and into “rural areas”.

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