Tuesday 20 August 2019

Cat Deeley reveals that Patrick has got her hooked on Irish tea

Cat Deeley has succumbed to the joys of Irish tea
Cat Deeley has succumbed to the joys of Irish tea
Cat Deeley with her husband, Patrick Kielty, who introduced her to Barry's Tea

Lynne Kelleher

TV presenter Cat Deeley has revealed how her husband Patrick Kielty has converted her to the joys of Irish tea.

The So You Think You Can Dance host confesses that she has become hooked on Barry's Tea but she often mistakenly calls it Brian's tea.

It is the quintessential taste of home for many Irish emigrants and the 36-year-old Emmy-nominated star said she seeks it out now when she is in Hollywood.

She said: "I actually like Irish tea now because of my husband.

"Barry's (tea) is what I drink these days but I keep forgetting what it is called.

"I'm like 'Is there any Brian's Tea?' and nobody knows what I'm talking about."

The presenter of one of America's biggest primetime shows said they both miss "friends and family" when they are filming in California and New York for large chunks of the year.

She said: "(It is) friends and family of course. We can pretty much get anything. We all read the same books and drink the same coffee, we watch the same films."

She told ITV's Daybreak how she is still in the honeymoon period with Kielty after

marrying him over a year ago in a romantic Italian ceremony.

"I really enjoy married life. It's still within the first year and a bit so ask me in five years and it might be different", she joked.

The presenter, who was speaking about her latest UNICEF project, joked she couldn't turn her former TV co-presenter down when he proposed with a huge diamond ring.

She said: "It's lovely. It's a 'don't say no' ring.

"We're constantly travelling. At the moment I'm based in New York weirdly and I don't have a house there and I'm back here for the next two weeks and then Paddy and I are both flying back to New York."

The dance show host also spoke about landing her first role in the world of acting.

The Emmy-nominated host will star opposite Rise of the Planet of the Apes actor Tyler Labine on supernatural comedy called Deadbeat.



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