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Cast of bank drama take to centre stage again

PRODUCERS of 'Anglo: The Musical' expect a front row of solicitors on opening night.

Chief writer Paul Howard has already rewritten his script for legal reasons but the team expect many of those being portrayed to send legal representatives to witness the first-night preview next Tuesday at Bord Gais Energy Theatre in Dublin.

But producer Darren Smith said lawyers hoping for a pay day are welcome.

"Just as long as they pay for their seats. It might sound funny saying this is going to happen but in fact it's highly likely.

"We have already had our show legalled but anything can happen," Mr Smith told the Irish Independent.

The musical revolves around a couple living on the quiet island of Innis Dull who get caught up in property speculation when a branch of Anglo sets up on their island.

Producers have removed a puppet representing former Anglo Irish chief Sean FitzPatrick and all reference to him from their script. Mr FitzPatrick is currently facing criminal proceedings having been charged with breaches of the Companies Acts.

"We had to take into consideration certain legal realities. We are good citizens and we didn't want to be the reason why Sean FitzPatrick doesn't face a jury one day," said Mr Howard.

Tickets from €20 are on sale now. For more information visit bordgaisenergytheatre.ie.

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