Wednesday 22 May 2019

Cash-strapped TD ejected from Dail over outburst at Cowen

Aidan O'Connor

A TD who was refused credit by a bank to help rescue his family run newsagents last night said he had no regrets after he was thrown out of the Dail for shouting at Taoiseach Brian Cowen.

Fine Gael TD Frank Feighan was ejected from the house after he repeatedly interrupted Mr Cowen, claiming that small businesses were being "thrown to the wolves".

His outburst came after his bank refused him credit last Thursday before asking him why he wasn't shutting down his 100-year-old family business in Boyle, Co Roscommon.

Speaking after he was thrown out of the Dail, Mr Feighan said he was angry over the Government's denial that banks were refusing to help small businesses that are facing closure all over the country.

Responding earlier to questions about NAMA, the Government's 'bad bank', Mr Cowen told the Dail the first to "take the hit" would be the owners of the loans and the banks.


But Mr Feighan shouted at the Taoiseach: "Small businesses in this country are going to the wall. The banks are telling small businesses to close up shop. The terms of reference have to be changed."

Ceann Comhairle John O'Donoghue threatened to ask the TD to leave three times before eventually throwing him out of the Dail for the remainder of the day's proceedings.

However, Mr Feighan will be allowed to return to the Dail chamber today.

"I have five staff that are loyal. You are trying to keep the show on the road. It is impossible to get credit," the angry TD told the Irish Independent.

"The lenders told me the other day why don't I close down. If I close down, there are four to five people on the dole queue straight away."

"We are told that money is being made available but that's not happening. I'm not into the theatre of being thrown out. I was just angry. Something must be done and somebody must shout stop," he added.

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