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'Cash in the curtains' appeal over as woman claims money

The 'cash in the curtains' saga drew to a close yesterday when a woman claimed thousands of euro hidden in the material.

The woman who donated curtains to a Barnardos charity shop last week was unaware a small fortune had been tucked into the lining of the material.

The charity confirmed last night that the woman returned to the shop in Rathmines in Dublin and claimed the cash which ran into thousands.

A number of people had contacted Barnardos saying that they believed the money belonged to them.

However, workers in the shop instantly recognised the woman as the person who had donated the distinctive pair of curtains, the charity said.

Collette Miller, manager of Barnardos' seven shops said: "The lady told us that she learned of our appeal when watching television and quickly realised what had happened."

The woman correctly described the curtain pattern and shop staff were completely satisfied that she was the rightful owner of the cash.

Ms Miller said: "She asked us to protect her anonymity and we are respecting her wishes."

The cash hoard was found by a Barnardos volunteer when sorting through items that had been donated during the day.

The "large sum of money", made up of euro notes which were folded neatly was in a bank coin bag which was pinned inside the lining of the curtains.

When the woman donated the curtains she was not aware the money was hidden inside the lining.

A spokeswoman for Barnardos said: "As soon as she saw the item on the news she knew they were her curtains. When she came back into the shop she knew how much money was in the bag. She was delighted."

The charity would not reveal if the woman donated a portion of the windfall to the charity.

The team at the Rathmines shop felt the woman had not intended to make a cash donation. Barnardos then launched a media appeal to trace her.

Donations to Barnardos are declining by as much as 20-50pc in some locations.

Donations can be made in any of Barnardos shops located in Cork, Wexford, Carlow, Dun Laoghaire, Clondalkin, Kilbarrack and Rathmines.

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