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Carphone Warehouse slammed by both sides of the abortion debate after their ‘pro-choice’ campaign


Carphone Warehouse has come under fire for it's 'pro-choice' campaign

Carphone Warehouse has come under fire for it's 'pro-choice' campaign

Carphone Warehouse has come under fire for it's 'pro-choice' campaign

Carphone Warehouse has come under fire from both sides of the abortion debate after their ‘pro-choice’ campaign.

The campaign billboards, which feature a button stating the simple message ‘We’re pro-choice’, say: “The only place you get to choose your network, phone and plan,” emphasising the amount of choice customers at Carphone Warehouse have.

The campaign has been slammed by both sides of the debate as ‘insensitive’, ‘cold’ and ‘offensive’.

A comment on the Carphone Warehouse Facebook page said: “Yeah, because publicly supporting the killing of babies will definitely get ye more sales... Not! Never did business with Carphone Warehouse and I never will. #savethe8th”

Another commenter said: “I'm loathe to share this given it's extreme tackiness AND spectacular insensitivity but I do have a small chuckle at the fact that Carphone Warehouse Ireland have managed to insult everyone on either side of the #repealthe8th debate!”

The Abortion Rights Campaign criticised the campaign as a ‘slap in the face’ given the company is not materially supporting the Repeal campaign.

“It’s a slap in the face, not only to the thousands of women who travel every day, but the thousands who cannot travel for various reasons. To commodify the pro-choice movement in this way without any altruism comes off as a mockery of women’s lack of human rights,” the statement said.

“Also, it’s not a very clever joke. They’ve thrown a baby, a fake ballot about marriage equality, and a pro-choice badge onto their homepage header, as if they couldn’t decide which controversial issue they wanted to use in order to gain the most publicity.”

Though the company have faced the most ire over the abortion issue, the campaign also seems to hit on issues of gender and marriage equality in a seemingly disorganised collection of progressive viewpoints.

Their pro-marriage equality statement has also come under fire from anti-marriage equality activists who campaigned for the No side in last year’s referendum.

In a statement to Independent.ie, Carphone Warehouse claimed that they were not putting forward a political statement.

“The campaign features seven topically themed advertisements around the subject of choice. The language and imagery used in the campaign is designed to be deliberately striking, engaging and thought-provoking.

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“We are not making any comment on the current debate in Ireland nor are we seeking to trivialise the issue. We believe that most people will understand the premise of this campaign and the context.”

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