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Career change helps Hook hit the big time

George Hook looks like becoming the patron saint of career change.

An unlikely presence among the many young and the beautiful peopleof the airwaves, the 'Right Hook' star is now a serious earner.

Accounts for 2011 show Hook's main company, Foxrock Communications, is sitting on profits of €433,000, most of it retained in the business, up from €184,000 in 2010.

George Hook is the sole owner of the business where profits have surged in recent years.

That is in part because Hook came to the media game late in life.

Only now, in his 70s and a grandfather, is he hitting his financial peak after what he freely admits was a disastrous 20 years in the catering business.

Hook's huge earnings today reflect a hectic workload that spans everything from rugby punditry for RTE and his five days a week afternoon slot on Newstalk radio.

At a time when most people would be thinking of hanging up the microphone, Hook shows no sign of slowing down.

That is perhaps because it is really only now -- more than a decade into his new career -- that the "grumpy old man" of Irish radio broadcasting is at last experiencing his really big financial pay day.

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