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Thursday 23 November 2017

Cardinal vows to invite new Pope to Ireland

PRIMATE of All Ireland Sean Brady has promised to invite Pope Francis to Ireland.

Cardinal Brady was speaking yesterday in Rome about his conversation with the Pontiff in the wake of his election on Wednesday.

He said: "I went up and said, 'I bring you the love and the prayers and the affection of the Irish people'.

"There have been historic links between Ireland and Argentina, and he said 'I want to ask for your continued prayers and I send you my blessing'.

"I didn't get around to inviting him (to Ireland) yesterday evening, but we will be inviting him to Ireland when an appropriate occasion occurs."

A spokesperson for Cardinal Brady said yesterday: "It's self-evident that the cardinal is an enthusiastic supporter of Pope Francis."

However, he said that nobody in the world knew who Cardinal Brady had voted for, other than the cardinal himself.

"The cardinal is under oath not to reveal his vote, he can't reveal it, nobody knows," he added.

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