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Cardinal Daly laid to rest

A stable future for the North would be the best monument to Cardinal Cahal Daly, mourners at his funeral have heard.

Statesmen and dignitaries paid their respects to the former Catholic primate of all Ireland during Requiem Mass at St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh. He died on New Year's Eve, aged 92.

Archbishop of Armagh Cardinal Sean Brady said his predecessor prayed tirelessly for peace.

"I am certain that a reconciled, stable and sustainable future would be the best monument you could build to his memory," he said.

Taoiseach Brian Cowen, President Mary McAleese, the North's Secretary of State Shaun Woodward and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness were among those who attended the 90-minute ceremony. Representatives of the other denominations were also present.

President McAleese and her husband, Martin, comforted relatives before dozens of white-robed clergymen paraded solemnly to the altar for the Mass.

Cardinal Brady said his fellow cleric worked and prayed tirelessly for mutual understanding, peace and reconciliation and his support for politics was well-known.

"The hopes and dreams of so many depend on you. Remain steadfast in the search for a brighter future for all," he said.

"Remember the distance you have already travelled together. Continue to work together to address social, economic and environmental challenges and thereby create the kind of country which Cardinal Daly and so many others yearned to see."

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