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Car found in river linked to missing man

THE mystery of a man who vanished 22 years ago may have been accidentally solved by divers.

Gardai are investigating whether a badly rusted Daihatsu car found in a Cork river may belong to William Fennessy (54) who disappeared in March 1990.

The Blackwater Search and Rescue Group were on a training operation when they stumbled across the car.

The vehicle had apparently been swept into a very deep section and has been filled with silt by successive floods.

Divers confirmed it is the same type of vehicle Mr Fennessy was driving.

The man, who lived outside Fermoy, worked as a publican and his disappearance shocked family and friends.

His bank accounts were never accessed after he was last seen. The Fennessy family have campaigned for 22 years for information on what happened.

Irish Independent