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'Can’t even describe the feeling' - Kodaline's touching tribute to girl who died after concert in 2016





The family of Ciara Lawlor who died after a Kodaline concert in 2016 was deeply moved by a tribute for her daughter at the band’s concert in St. Anne’s Park.

The band had compiled a short video consisting of clips of Ciara and played it to the crowd before performing song 'Angel', which is dedicated to the 17-year-old.

While the video played in the background, lead singer Steve Garrigan talked about their memories of the day that Ciara passed away and how they dedicated the song to her and her family.

“I didn’t know what he was going to say. In that moment, I was completely surprised. It was absolutely lovely,” said her mother, Eimear Lawlor.

She added: “Steve is usually quite quiet so for him to say these beautiful words at the concert was really special.

“I can’t even describe the feeling. I couldn’t look at it as first. But then I couldn’t look away. It was absolutely amazing.”

She had gone to the concert with friends and family and described the scenes before and during the song as “very emotional”, adding that “tears were shed.”

After the tragedy on July 8, 2016 the band has kept in contact with Ms Lawlor and the rest of the Lawlor family.

“We have met the band before a gig last year. They have always kept in contact and have been so respectful about everything. It’s just incredibly nice of them.”

The band had originally written the song 'Angel' in memory of Ciara in 2017 and had presented it to the family afterwards.

“They gave me a handwritten letter after the song was written. It was so touching. When you look at the lyrics you see it is very emotional for them as well. It means a lot to them as well,” described Ms Lawlor.

Kodaline later asked if they could include the song on their album “Politics of Living” and have included the song in their live shows as well.

“We are still so surprised about the reactions to the tribute song. It obviously means so much to us but others love it as well. Even the comments of the people that I don’t know are so amazing.”

The tribute during this year’s concert and the great reception it got from the crowd have touched the Lawlor family.

“When I heard the people cheering I was so touched in that moment. She touched a lot of peoples lives when she was alive," Ms Lawlor said.

“She was friends with absolutely anybody. She never cared where somebody was from and if they were ‘cool’ or not. She just knew and loved everybody.”

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