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Cannabis factory found above dry cleaners

THREE men were being questioned by gardai last night in connection with the discovery of a massive cannabis growing factory above a dry cleaners.

Gardai found more than 1,000 plants in the factory, which was housed above a dry cleaners in Drumcondra on the northside of Dublin.

The massive grow-house stretched across six rooms on three separate floors of the building. The plants were being nurtured by sophisticated heat, light and irrigation systems.

Garda have estimated the haul to be worth more than €500,000. The growhouse is believed to be the second largest such facility ever uncovered in this country.

Two men in their 30s were arrested in the raid shortly after lunchtime on Saturday. Another man in his late 20s was later arrested nearby. All three men were taken for questioning to the Bridewell Garda Station.

Irish Independent