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Monday 22 October 2018

Candidate files perjury complaint with gardai

Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent

A GREEN local election candidate yesterday lodged an official complaint with gardai over alleged perjury by former Defence Minister Willie O'Dea.

However, gardai would not comment last night on whether they were launching a full investigation.

The complaint was lodged at the Bridewell station in Dublin city centre by Green Dublin City Council candidate Gary Fitzgerald, who failed to win a seat in the local elections last year in the Cabra-Glasnevin ward.

As an ordinary citizen, he said he wanted to report a "potential criminal misconduct" of perjury.

"If your car got stolen, you would go to the garda station and you would report what you consider to be a crime," he said.

"You may be wrong, it may not be a crime but you would go in and you would report it. They would take a statement and go and investigate it."

He said the same procedures should be followed for more unusual complaints.

"So I popped in on my lunch break into the Bridewell," Mr Fitzgerald added. "I had Willie O'Dea's affidavit and a copy of the article where the transcripts (of his interview) are.

"I made a complaint to the gardai about a potential criminal misconduct, which was perjury.

"They took my statement and they said they would get back to me in due course after they have decided what to do with it, as they have done when my bike got stolen before. We'll see what happens.

"He should have had the decency, first of all, not to slander a political opponent, and when he did slander and got caught, he should have had the decency to own up. When he lied under oath, he should have had the decency to resign. When he didn't have the decency to resign, his party should have sacked him.


"When his party didn't sack him, my party should have had the backbone to force his resignation and we should not have voted in favour of the confidence motion."

He said he lodged his complaint because of his anger "at that whole chain of events".

"What can I do? This is all I can do," he said.

"It's not in the Fianna Fail psyche (to resign). If he does resign and my party is responsible for it, it does look a lot better politically than before."

Earlier yesterday Mr O'Dea said: "I am not a perjurer. Neither I nor any members of my family ever committed perjury. I never did that. I'm a victim here as well. Everybody's a victim. I'm being accused of something I didn't do, which is perjury, so from that point of view I'm a victim."

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