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Candidate condemns banks

Offaly businessman James Fanning, who announced last week that he will contest the General Election in Laois Offaly as an independent, says that he has been "aghast" at the behaviour of politicians and bankers.

He is running on a platform that no more money should be put into the banks and "all bondholders should take part of the pain".

"If we cannot successfully renegotiate with the ECB in order to reduce the interest charges and cutting our exposure to bondholders, then we will have to look at exiting the euro area and re-establishing the punt," Mr Fanning said.

"The last 12 months have left most of Ireland numbed and shocked by the debacle created by those that we would call the political establishment," said the 36-year-old managing director of Birr-based Midland Web Printing, which employs 40 people.

Commenting on the political and financial meltdown Mr Fanning said: "It has been like watching a slow train crash where the participants are actually watching at the same time, screaming at the driver to stop or change direction. All our calls have fallen on deaf ears and this is what has infuriated me most."

Sunday Independent