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Cameron speaks of 'genuine friendship'

British Prime Minister David Cameron today stressed the "genuine friendship" between Britain and Ireland as Queen Elizabeth II was about to make her historic visit to this country - the first Royal visit for 100 years.

But he also highlighted the "hard-headed business" interest between the two nations, citing that the UK did more trade with Ireland than with Brazil, Russia and India combined.

"There are some six million people with Irish grandparents in Britain with three million people travelling either way between the countries on an annual basis."

He added: "this is the start of something big."

Taoiseach Enda Kenny today joined the chorus welcoming Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland.

Speaking on Morning Ireland Mr. Kenny stated that he had "no difficulty" with people who planned to protest but appealed to any protestors not to embarrass the country during her stay.

He wasn't aware if the Queen's speech would contain an apology to Ireland, but was looking forward to hearing what she had to say during her address in Dublin Castle tomorrow evening.