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Callely signs up for new title with peace commissioner role

WE'VE had Ivor the TD, the junior minister and the senator. Now it's Ivor the peace commissioner.

The outgoing Independent senator has updated the signage over his constituency office in anticipation of the change.

And it's the title of peace commissioner he has settled on -- a title held by more than 6,000 people in the State. While Mr Callely is not contesting the Seanad elections, his decision to hold on to his office in Killester in north Dublin suggests he intends to remain in the public eye.

The title was bestowed on the former Fianna Fail TD back in March 1989 by then Justice Minister Gerry Collins. It is an honorary, non-paid position.

The powers and duties of a peace commissioner include taking statutory declarations, witnessing signatures on documents, and signing search warrants for the gardai.

Appointees are required to be of "good character", according to the Department of Justice.

Mr Callely, whose political base is on Dublin's northside, was suspended from the Seanad for 20 days last year after claiming €80,000 in travel expenses from his home in west Cork.

However, he won a High Court appeal against the suspension and was reimbursed €17,000 for loss of earnings.

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