Sunday 26 May 2019

Calamity Coughlan's greatest blunders

May 2008, European Commissioners:

Coughlan says larger European states have more than one European Commissioner, in an embarrassing blow for the 'Yes' camp in the Lisbon Treaty referendum.

"Yes, we do have one Commissioner but other larger member states have more than one Commissioner."

March 2009, Cancer Services:

Coughlan upsets cancer services campaigners in the north-west. She appears to imply patients would have survived if a planned new centralised service was available.

"I think at the end of the day, it is huge, hugely important that we provide the best service for the best outcome and there are people who would love to say to you, that have gone to their eternal reward: 'it's a pity I didn't have an excellent service or a better service or a less invasive service available to me'."

September 2009, Einstein's evolution:

Coughlan credits Albert Einstein with working on evolution, rather than Charles Darwin, when speaking at an IDA 'Innovation Ireland' launch.

And some of her other highlights:

"Of the savings of €100m, €86m is for GPs and €30m is for pharmacists" -- on the medical card row last year.

"There will be no supplementary budget" -- five days before the announcement of the April emergency Budget.

"The public finances are under control" -- uttered on the same occasion.

"You can go and (expletives deleted)" -- On the 2007 election trail to a farmer who challenged her during the campaign.

"Na Glasrai" -- Commenting on the Green Party, referring to them as Gaeilge as the vegetables.

"God, you know, I can't remember" -- On a Bank of Ireland report last autumn.

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