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'C Case' woman seeking legal advice over treatment

THE woman at the centre of the 'C Case' has revealed she is seeking legal advice about her treatment while she was in the care of the State.

In 1997, when she was 13, Miss C was taken to Britain by a health board social worker for an abortion after being brutally raped.

This was permitted by the High Court following testimony from a psychiatrist for the State that she was suicidal.

Her parents were opposed to the abortion but failed in their legal bid to have it stopped.

The 29-year-old Dublin mother-of-two, who deeply regrets the abortion, is seeking answers from the State as to why it left her so badly scarred. She also wants to know why she was put into care for five years after the abortion and given powerful sedation against her will.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Independent tomorrow she says: "I didn't want to become a mother at 13, but that baby didn't deserve to die."

"I grieve for my lost baby every day": Full interview in tomorrow's 'Weekend Review'

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