Monday 19 March 2018

Businesses in Dublin to be hit by higher water charges

Irish Water
Irish Water

Daniel McConnell, Political Correspondent

THOUSANDS of businesses in the greater Dublin area are set to be hit with higher water charges, the head of Irish Water has confirmed.

With the introduction of domestic water charges from October 1 this year, John Tierney Managing Director of Irish Water, has said homeowners will find out in June how much they will pay in water charges.

The new utility company is to make its first submission to the Commission on Energy Regulation (CER) early next month, with the final decision on domestic water charges expected in August.

But Mr Tierney did confirm that businesses throughout the capital face being hit with higher charges because of a move to a standard national charge rate, and at present Dublin businesses pay lower rates than others.

“At the moment you have a number of different charges because you have 34 different local authorities. Some are higher some are lower. The understanding is that over time that will move to a standard charge so obviously some will that will go up and some will go down. Some people will pay more, he said.

When pressed on what this would mean for Dublin businesses, Mr Tierney said “Well the final decision isn’t taken. [Charge increases] will be in the areas where the areas where charges are lower at the moment and Dublin is one of those”.

The majority of homes across the country will be hit with a flat water charge rather than being metered from October, with less than 80,000 homes so far having been metered.

It has been confirmed that 300,000 homes include apartments or shared buildings with a single water connection will not be metered for technical reasons “at least in the short term.”

Irish Water by its own targets will only have 320,000 metres installed by the time billing begins and just over 400,000 by year end, but Government figures have conceded that target is “very likely to be missed”.

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