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Business as usual for the man at eye of storm

HE could earn hundreds of thousands of pounds by dishing the dirt on former lover Iris Robinson, but it's business as usual for Kirk McCambley at the Lock Keeper's Inn on the banks of the River Lagan.

The 21-year-old was yesterday back in his apron mixing up frothy coffee drinks for the queues of customers stretching out the door hoping for a glimpse at the young man whose love affair had him featured on the front of every Sunday newspaper.

Although he appeared self-conscious and kept his head bowed as he worked, Kirk said he did not mind being photographed or talking to the media as he walked to his car yesterday.

He said the crowds gathered around the south Belfast cafe were "normal business for a Sunday" as he trudged through the snow and flashing cameras.

When asked how he was handling being catapulted to the focus of media attention, he shrugged -- the way he answered all questions.

But his new gaggle of customers were not disappointed. Blogger John Junk from north Belfast said it was "like watching Monica Lewinsky at work".

"It is amazing after the news of the last few days that you can just come down here and see the man at the centre of the scandal," he said.

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