Wednesday 17 January 2018

Burglary victim's bedroom 'was like an abattoir'

Luke Byrne

IT was just after midnight when the silence of a peaceful neighbourhood was broken by the desperate screams of a woman crying out for help.

Solicitor Violet Quigley (44) was slumped out the window of her bedroom, on the top floor of her house at Donaghmede Park, north Dublin, waving and pleading for someone to come to her aid.

Minutes earlier, she was attacked by a hooded man who fled the scene after inflicting terrible injuries on his victim.

A number of residents in the usually quiet area believed the loud noises were just revellers coming home from the pub. But neighbour Clare Downey realised the noise was something more serious when her son alerted her to the commotion.

"I was in bed. My son was watching the golf and at first he thought it was my grandson crying," she told the Irish Independent.

But the family quickly noticed the situation that was unfolding beside them.

"She was hanging out the window screaming: 'Someone please help me'," Ms Downey added.

She and another neighbour rushed to the aid of Ms Quigley.

"The bedroom was like an abattoir, there was a phenomenal amount of blood," the second neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said.

"She just kept repeating 'Am I going to die?' and saying 'Look after my family'," the woman said.

Witnesses reported one of Ms Quigley's wrists was slashed deeply and she had injuries to her upper arm, thighs, side and stomach.

Residents were horrified by the scene.

"This is a quiet neighbourhood. You hear about these things happening in other places, not here," one woman said.

Irish Independent

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