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Burglars get away with three out of four crimes - CSO


THREE out of four burglaries on Irish homes are not detected, but eight out of ten homicides are solved, new crime figures show.

The detection rate for drugs offences is at 90pc, but serious and organised crime grew significantly in the five years from 2006 to 2010.

Kidnappings increased by 59pc, drug offences were up 40pc, gun and explosive crimes were up 30pc and robberies, extortion and hijackings soared by 28pc in that period.

The Garda Recorded Crime Statistics revealed a drop in all other areas of crime including burglaries and thefts, drug offences, road traffic incidents, public order and dangerous acts, according to the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

Four out of every five crimes of damage to property and three out of four burglaries were not detected.

Figures showed that just a quarter of the 25,377 burglaries carried out in 2010 were detected, with only 38pc of 76,492 thefts solved.

However the detection rate for the 55 murders, five manslaughters and 30 deaths by dangerous driving was 83pc.

Criminal charges were brought in 64 cases, while 15 remain undetected.

The highest number of killings were recorded in Dublin's north inner city, with 4.7 deaths per 100,000 people.

The detection rate for drugs offences was also high, with more than 98pc of the 19,943 cases closed.

There were also 4,092 recorded incidents of weapons and explosives offences, with more than 90pc solved.

A 51pc jump in the number of sexual offence cases was recorded following a review of all allegations, including historic child sex abuse cases.

"Some of these offences will have occurred at some distance in the past but are represented on the date of reclassifications," the CSO said.