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Saturday 17 March 2018

Burglar falls to death from roof of pub

Tom Brady Security Editor

A MAN found dead after slipping from the roof of a disused pub has been identified as a well-known burglar.

Gardai believe he had been attempting to gain access to the premises to seek shelter from the snow for the night.

Anthony Prendergast (40) sustained head injuries when he fell from the former Drake Inn premises in Finglas village on Dublin's northside on to the smoking area at the rear of the pub.

His body was not found until several hours after the fall on Tuesday morning. A post-mortem examination later confirmed he died from head injuries.

Prendergast, who had been living in the north inner city recently, had a number of previous addresses in Finglas.

He had convictions for a series of criminal offences including a theft from the AIB branch in Finglas.

The Dublin circuit court heard in May 2000 that he thought his luck was in when he broke into the bank.

The court was told that somebody had forgotten to lock money away and he picked up IR£25,000 from an open box.

Prendergast bought a ticket to New York and booked himself into a plush Manhattan hotel at $215 a night.

He was unaware that in the meantime gardai had found his fingerprints at the bank, and when he returned home he was arrested and charged.

He was jailed for eight years for a string of robberies, including the AIB incident.

Evidence was given that Prendergast had told gardai: "I thought it was my birthday when I saw the cash."

Prendergast had been passing the bank the previous October when he decided to break in.

Prendergast then went to Ballyfermot to buy heroin and counted the money there.

Gardai are satisfied he was not attempting a burglary when he fell from the roof.

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