Sunday 25 March 2018

Bumper quiz: Were you paying attention to all the news this year?

Miss Panti and other supporters celebrate the result of the Marriage Referendum. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire
Miss Panti and other supporters celebrate the result of the Marriage Referendum. Photo: Brian Lawless/PA Wire

Take our bumper quiz to check your memory as we look back on the major events of 2015.

1) What famous GAA grounds were demolished in 2015 to allow for a €70m renovation?

2) What Irish literary figure was the newest Naval Service patrol vessel named after in 2015?

3) The 30th anniversary of which aviation tragedy was marked in Ahakista in west Cork last summer?

4) Which Premier League footballer who played for Ireland at junior level opted to declare for England at full international level?

5) Which solo artist set a new record for the fastest sell-out of the 3Arena in Dublin?

6) What is the name of the garda operation targeting burglary gangs?

7) Who scored the opening try in Ireland's Six Nations campaign?

8) And who scored the final try?

9) On what date was the Budget held this year?

10) What is the name of the former IFA president who stood down amid a pay controversy?

11) A large consignment of which popular Christmas toy was seized at Dublin Airport amid safety fears?

12) Saoirse Ronan took the lead role in a film named after which New York suburb?

13) Where did 'Star Wars' land in Kerry this year for filming purposes?

14) Which generous-sounding Galway councillor quit Renua Ireland just two months after joining?

15) How much money was involved in the controversial "settlement" between the FAI and Fifa, details of which emerged during this summer?

16) Thousands of hairy hopefuls turned out to audition in Dublin for which TV drama last April?

17) Which storm battered the country, causing extreme flooding on the first weekend of December?

18) And which RTÉ presenter impressed the nation with her impassioned report from the promenade in Galway?

19) Which band was playing at the Bataclan in Paris when the gig came under attack from Isil terrorists?

20) And which teams were playing at the nearby Stade de France at the time?

21) Which Fine Gael TD took legal action over his failure to get selected to run for the party in the coming general election?

22) In which city did Enda Kenny make his infamous "army at the ATMs" comments in a speech to European colleagues?

23) Which Independent TD refused to sign off on the Banking Inquiry report after a marathon series of meetings at the start of the month?

24) What name did Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan give their baby?

25) Who scored the goal in Ireland's historic 1-0 victory over Germany during the Euro 2016 qualifiers?

26) Which teams contested the All-Ireland Hurling Final this year?

27) In which county is holiday resort firm Center Parks planning a major development?

28) Where is the Web Summit going to be held next year?

29) Which Sky show featuring a put-upon mammy won an international Emmy award?

30) Which female Fianna Fáil candidate was embroiled in a row over gender quotas in Longford?

31) Who scored two tries for Argentina in the Rugby World Cup quarter-final disappointment in Cardiff?

32) What was the name of the Dublin apartment block deemed to be a fire risk that hit the headlines in September this year?

33) Name the judge overseeing the commission of investigation into the recording of phone calls at garda stations?

34) Which political leader in Northern Ireland announced their intention to step down early in the new year?

35) RTÉ broadcasting legend Bill O'Herlihy died in which month?

36) Which film won Best Picture at the Oscars in January?

37) Who was the final witness to appear before the Banking Inquiry?

38) Name the TV3 soap opera which debuted in January this year?

39) Who was grand marshall of the 2015 St Patrick's Day Parade?

40) In September this year, images of a Syrian boy washed up on a beach shocked the world. Name the boy.

41) Johnny Sexton returned to Leinster this season from which French club?

42) Singer Daniel O'Donnell appeared in which UK reality TV show this autumn?

43) What was the best-selling cookbook of the year?

44) How many goals did Ireland score during the Euro 2016 qualifying campaign?

45) Colm Toibin scooped the Hawthornden Literature Prize in July for which novel?

46) Which Irish city did U2 perform in for the first time in 17 years?

47) Which presenter surprised a weather forecast-loving boy on the 'Late, Late Toy Show'?

48) Name the broadcaster who went walkabout at the former Killiney home of solicitor Brian O'Donnell?

49) Name the sports agent who faced off against golfer Rory McIlroy in the High Court in March?

50) For how long did Ian Bailey's civil action against the gardai run in the High Court - 24, 44 or 64 days?

51) What was the name given by nurses to the newborn baby found abandoned at the side of the road in Rathcoole, Co Dublin, in May?

52) Name the Irish 'Top Gear' producer who was struck by Jeremy Clarkson, leading to the motormouth presenter being fired by the BBC?

53) Which actor took on the role of former Taoiseach Charlie Haughey in the RTÉ drama broadcast this year?

54) What former political powerbase in Drumcondra was put up for sale by Fianna Fáil in March?

55) Which regal hurling legend retired from the game this year?

56) Irish Water protesters descended on which department store at the start of December?

57) 90-year old Anne 'Peg' Rudd was in court in September because she had what on her wall?

58) Which town hosted the first ever gay wedding in Ireland?

59) NASA scientists made a breakthrough in relation to which interplanetary conundrum?

60) Which celebrity couple split last summer in a scandal that was branded "pig-gate?"

61) Rugby legend Jonah Lomu lost his battle with kidney disease in November. How many tries did he score on his World Cup debut against Ireland?

62) IFA president Eddie Downey said he'd been thrown under which vehicle after his departure from the role amid the pay scandal?

63) Aer Lingus was taken over by which giant airline group this year?

64) Which witty couple celebrated the birth of baby Art at the end of January?

65) Controversy erupted over a plan to keep Irish Water off the national balance sheet. Which European agency refused to back the plan?

66) A giant "rat" or South American Coypu or was found swimming in a river in Kilnascully. What was he named?

67) Who did Kerry defeat in the All-Ireland Football Semi-Final this year?

68) The author of 'Translations' died in 2015 -can you name him?

69) In what sport does George Dockrell represent Ireland?

70) Who, in 2015, wrote 'The Thrill of It All'?

71) The small statue of The Fiddler of Dooney features in Stillorgan Village Shopping Centre-who wrote the poem?

72) What was the reason given for 15 motorists in Co Clare having drink-driving charges dismissed in November?

73) What centenary was commemorated on May 7, 2015?

74) What tragic event occurred at Carrickmines, Co Dublin, in October 2015?

75) What centenary was commemorated on August 1, 2015?

76) In which country did an election lead to the daughter-in-law of a well-known British politician losing power?

77) In which country did an election lead to the military giving up some power to a very well-known freedom campaigner?

78) In which country did an election lead to a former Prime Minister's son becoming Prime Minister?

79) Who were the runners-up in the 2015 English FA Cup Final and 2015 Scottish Cup Final?

80) Who did Ireland play first in the 2015 Ruby World Cup?

81) Who is planning to build a giant wall?

82) What did Marlon James win in 2015?

83) Who, in 2015, wrote 'A Nation And Not A Rabble'?

84) What is the Schengen Zone?

85) Who did Ireland play in the Euro 2016 play-offs?

86) What national group do soldiers fighting for the Peshmerga come from?

87) Who, in 2015, wrote 'The Scrap'?

88) What event are South Africa and Ireland both hoping to host in 2023?

89) The nation voted in favour of same-sex marriage by what margin in May?

90) Name the US news reporter who was shot dead live on air in August this year

91) Who won the FAI Cup Final this year?

92) Name the Apple executive who was honoured at Trinity College Dublin in November.

93) At which London tube station was an armed man tasered earlier this month?

94) A water protester made a qualified apology to President Michael D Higgins in January, after calling him what?

95) In which month did Sepp Blatter resign as president of FIFA?

96) Which minister sparked tensions in Fine Gael by raising the issue of abortion as the election approaches?

97) Which controversial tax was left out of the Budget despite obesity experts calling for it?

98) Which union was embroiled in industrial action which disrupted commuters during the autumn?

99) What bird was ditched from plans for Dublin city's new logo as "they're not everyone's favourite"?

100) Paul O'Connell bowed out of international rugby as Ireland's most-capped player, but how many Test appearances did he record?


1)  Pairc Ui Chaoimh in Cork

2) James Joyce

3) The Air India bombing

4) Aston Villa's Jack Grealish

5) Adele whose 2016 gigs sold out in less than three minutes

6) Operation Thor

7) Conor Murray (against Italy)

8) Sean O'Brien (against Scotland)

9) October 13

10) Eddie Downey

11) Hoverboards (AKA balance boards)

12) Brooklyn

13) Skellig Michael

14) James Charity

15) €5m

16) Vikings

17) Storm Desmond

18) Teresa Mannion

19) Eagles of Death Metal

20) France versus Germany (soccer)

21) John Perry

22) Madrid

23) Joe Higgins

24) Max

25) Shane Long

26) Kilkenny and Galway

27) Longford

28) Lisbon

29) 50 Ways to Kill Your Mammy

30) Connie Geraghty Quinn

31) Juan Imhoff

32) Longboat Quay

33) Nial Fennelly

34) Peter Robinson

35) May

36) Birdman

37) Michael Noonan

38) Red Rock

39) Brendan O'Carroll

40) Aylan Kurdi

41) Racing 92

42) Strictly Come Dancing

43) The Happy Pear Cookbook

44) 19

45) Nora Webster

46) Belfast

47) Evelyn Cusack

48) Vincent Browne

49) Conor Ridge

50) 64 days

51) Maria

52) Oisin Tymon

53) Aiden Gillen

54) St Luke's

55) Henry Shefflin

56) Brown Thomas

57) A satellite dish

58) Clonmel

59) Is there life on Mars?

60) Miss Piggy and Kermit

61) Two

62) A bus

63) IAG

64) Chris O'Dowd and Dawn O'Porter

65) Eurostat

66) Rodney

67) Tyrone

68) Brian Friel

69) Cricket

70) Joseph O'Connor

71) WB Yeats

72) The results of their breath tests were not supplied in both English and Irish

73) The sinking of The Lusitania

74) A fire which killed 10 members of the Traveller community

75) The burial at Glasnevin of Republican, O Donovan Rossa

76) Denmark

77) Myanmar

78) Canada

79) Aston Villa and Falkirk

80) Canada

81) Donald Trump

82) The Booker Prize

83) Diarmaid Ferriter

84) Defined zone for freedom of movement of people in Europe

85) Bosnia-Herzegovina

86) The Kurds

87) Gene Kerrigan

88) The Rugby World Cup

89) 62pc in favour

90) Alison Parker

91) Dundalk

92) Tim Cook

93) Leytonstone

94) A midget parasite

95) July

96) James Reilly

97) Sugar tax (or tax on fizzy drinks)

98) The National Bus and Rail Union (NBRU)

99) Seagull

100) 108

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