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Saturday 17 March 2018

Building supplier objects to Sligo Council 'ruining its fun'

Topline Rogers in Sligo
Topline Rogers in Sligo Newsdesk Newsdesk

A 145-year-old building supplier celebrated its anniversary despite Sligo County Council banning its signs by sticking them up over the bank holiday because "the council wouldn't be working that weekend".

Top line Rogers owner Padraic Rogers said he had sought permission for four temporary signs to be placed alongside the roadside near the business.

Denied permission, Mr Rogers decided to “beat the Council at their own game” and put up the signs over the bank holiday anyway since "the Council doesn't work weekends".

"They might not, but retail does, so I wasn’t worried,” he told RTE's Liveline.

“I put them up for three days over the bank holiday weekend, and I’ll be sticking them up again this weekend.

“I don’t think it’s out of the question that I shouldn’t be allowed to throw them up. They’re not hurting anyone, and it's a bit of fun to celebrate 145 years in business.”

The family own business, which employs 13 people in the area, said it went ahead with the signs despite the council’s objections because this weekend marks its 145th year in business.

“I was asking for a once off event and I was quoted a series of rules and regulations about road and building standards,” said the fifth generation owner.

“Surely an exception could have been made? I really don’t understand their attitude. It was bit of business for the local sign maker, and sure, what harm would it have done to stick up four temporary signs for a few days?

“We’re 145 years in business, and that’s not something many shops around here could claim.” has asked Sligo County Council for a comment about the temporary signs.

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