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Bruton's proposals

Employment Regulation Orders

  • Scrap extra payments on Sundays.
  • Get rid of the numerous pay rates that apply to workers with different levels of experience and skills, and replace them with an 'adult basic rate'.

The proposals suggest existing non-adult pay rates will be replaced by national minimum wage rates for under-18s and those in their first year of work. Extra pay for more skilled and experienced workers to be agreed between employees and employers at individual companies.

  • Introduce uniform overtime payments.
  • Cut the number of Joint Labour Committees that make Employment Regulation Orders by about half.
  • Allow deals by unions and employers outside legally binding system.
  • Allow companies to avoid paying the legally binding rates by pleading 'Inability to Pay'.
  • Average pay rates in the country's trading partners and other competitiveness issues to be debated before making new orders, or changing existing ones.
  • Each Joint Labour Committee must do a "health check" of existing orders, and revise them if needed under new criteria.

Registered Employment Agreements

  • All parties may not have to consent to change an agreement. Unions and employers to be checked to see if they are representative, and entitled to make or cancel deals.

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